Meeting Terry Fox’s Family

On October 18th, 2010 I had the honour of meeting the Fox family in Ottawa.

I was graciously invited by the host, Ed Holder MP,  to say a few words before a group of Members of Parliament at a ceremony at the Rideau Club.

Speaking at the Rideau Club with Ed Holder MP (left) and Betty and Rolly Fox.

Terry Fox is a hero and inspiration to so many, including myself, and it was very special for me to meet his brother Darrell, parents Betty and Rolly and the Terry Fox Research Institute scientific director and Officer of the Order of Canada Dr. Victor Ling.

from left, Darrell, me, Simcoe North MP Bruce Stanton, Betty and Rolly.

This picture was taken in front of the display case which held the prosthesis that Terry Fox wore during his Marathon of Hope. After picking up his leg and feeling how heavy it was it was hard to believe that he ran an average of a marathon a day (42km/26miles). AMAZING!!  Another very important thing that I learned from talking to his dad, Rolly, was that Terry had diverted 900 miles out of his way so that he could raise more money for cancer research. If he hadn’t, and stayed on Hwy 2, he probably would have made it to Regina, interesting fact!

Part of the November 2010 issue of the Gold Standard by AC.

Above is part of an article in Athletics Canada Gold Standard magazine.

Darrell Fox has gone for a run of at least 5km a day since 1988 (never missing a day) and he was a very fast runner in his time, having run a 10km PB of 31:21 (WOW!)

During our run together with Minister Stockwell Day, Brad and I let them go ahead of us for a while so that they could talk and then we went flying by them really fast as a joke, it was a good laugh in the end and I said they were really faster than us, we must have got a second wind.

Stockwell Day has only been seriously running for a few years now and he ran the 2009 Boston Marathon in a very impressive time of 3:24!

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